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Our Services 

AB Wolfe & Co provides the highest quality debt recovery service and representation to Irish and overseas clients. We provide guidance and support at all stages from pre-legal, formal demand letter to culmination of the debt recovery process through enforcement in all courts and jurisdictions, both within and outside Ireland.

Corporate and Consumer Debt Recovery

We manage both high volume and individual high value judgment proceedings at District, Circuit and High Court levels as well as appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.  We provide quality advice, guidance and support throughout the litigation and recovery process. This service includes:

  • Review of initial instructions and providing advices;
  • Asset investigations and tracing;
  • Issuing pre-legal demands;
  • Issuing and serving legal proceedings;
  • Timely application for judgment where the claim is undefended;
  • Pragmatic advice and timely case progression where the claim is defended;
  • Regular advice and updates to clients by email, letter or report format;
  • Prompt engagement with debtors where correspondence or proposals are received;
  • Providing practical advice and guidance on settlement offers; and
  • Timely remittance of money recovered.
Enforcement of Domestic and Foreign Judgments

We advise on the enforcement of judgments both domestic and foreign. Our advices incorporate a review of the judgment secured, a clear explanation of enforcement options, a pragmatic cost / benefit analysis on enforcement within the jurisdiction, tracing and asset searches as well as timely enforcement applications in the Irish Courts. Enforcement options include:

  • Instructing county sheriffs to seize and sell assets;
  • Registration of judgments in the Register of Judgments with consequent publicity;
  • Registration of judgment as judgment mortgage over relevant property;
  • Issuing and progressing instalment proceedings in the District Court;
  • Examining debtors and related persons such as company directors as to the whereabouts of assets to help with the execution of judgments;
  • Securing third party garnishee orders;
  • Issuing and progressing well charging proceedings in respect of property;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Notices to wind up  pursuant to the Companies Acts;
  • Employing enquiry, searching and tracing agents to trace and verify data on debtors and their property; and
  • Advising on the enforcement of historic or acquired / assigned judgments and securing leave of the court where necessary.
Mortgage Enforcement

We advise numerous secured creditors, financial institutions, credit unions, receivers, liquidators, credit servicers and investment funds on the enforcement of security together with related regulatory and compliance requirements. In particular, we have in-depth experience in high volume Circuit and High Court mortgage enforcement proceedings.

We have advised domestic and international clients on litigation and enforcement in the context of acquisition of loan portfolios, as well as advising on the transfer of such litigation. This includes large scale substitution applications (including omnibus applications), along with applications to join purchasers to appeals and for leave to execute existing orders and judgments. We advise on workouts and the impact of personal insolvency arrangements and bankruptcy on recovery. 

Hire Purchase / Leasing / Personal Contract Plans

We provide cost effective and timely debt recovery services and advices to businesses concerning vehicle and equipment finance, including HP, leasing and / or PCPs.  We advise on the termination process, repossession of the asset, compliance with consumer legislation and debt recovery.

Particular consideration must be given where financing is provided to consumers as this is heavily  regulated in Ireland. The relevant legislation has strict requirements surrounding the termination process of any agreement.

Can't find what you're looking for?  Email us at info@abwolfe.ie and we'll be happy to help.