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Why is Ireland Uniquely Placed to Flourish as a Fintech Hub?

Services: FinTech, FinTech and Payments DATE: 15/10/2019

Why is Ireland uniquely placed to flourish as a Fintech hub, what are the triggers for regulated activities requiring authorisation, how does the regulatory landscape operate for Fintech firms and what trends are emerging in the Irish market?

Lexology_Getting_the_Deal_Through_Fintech_2020_Ireland PDF | 0.38 MB

Answers to these questions are covered in the Ireland chapter of Lexology, Getting the Deal Through: Fintech 2020 by Financial Institutions Group partner, Liam Flynn and Financial Institutions Group senior associate, Lorna Daly.

Lexology Getting the Deal Through Fintech Ireland 2020 from Matheson Law Firm.

Reproduced with kind permission by Lexology Getting the Deal Through, first published in October 2019.

This document was co-authored by Lorna Smith, senior associate of Matheson’s Corporate and Commercial Group.